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The service life of the household elevator

Time: 2023-07-10 17:23:52 Source: Jiangxi Lichuang Elevator Engineering Co., LTD
We know that usually a home elevator is installed, the main purpose is to use for elderly parents, and sometimes the parents are not very good health, there may be a sudden faint。It is not impossible for such things to happen in the elevator car。At this time, if the home elevator is closed and invisible decoration, it may cause more serious consequences if the rescue is not timely。If the all-glass car is used, such problems can be avoided。At the same time, people in the transparent interior of the car will not feel depressed because of the closed environment, the body and mind can also be relaxed, and it is not easy to appear anxious emotions。 
Whatever it is has a useful life, okay。So how long is the service life of the villa elevator?nextJiangxi ElevatorThe manufacturer will introduce you to the villa elevator service life, let's have a look。The service life of the villa elevator has been vague, and the failure rate of domestic elevators (whether domestic brands or foreign brands) will increase after 10-15 years of use。
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